Painting by Wendy Elia


Wendy Elia works in series that explore the futile quest for truth in the digital age. Her interrogation of different modes of representation (from old Master paintings to black and white movies to contemporary images culled from 24-hour news channels) creates disconcerting narratives, loaded with symbols, that problematise a singular viewing position. Through continual shifts in painting language and juxtapositions of imagery, Wendy Eiia's work asks: in the enjoyment of the ironic and in the search for the iconic have we forgotten how to feel? Elsewhere is a painting from the series “It Will Happen When You Least Expect It” which collates some of the images invading our consciousness. Their content appears familiar, its origins less so. Was this once a news report or a scene in a Hollywood movie that recreates or foresees the same event?


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